General Questions

Information on pricing, availability, and lead time (delivery) can be obtained via our Inquiry Forms request process, by phone or by email.​

Inventory management of blanket orders up to 1 year, kanban and jit scheduling.

As a policy, CMT does not make engineering recommendations.Please call Gates Application Engineering Service, a free hotline, at 303-744-5800 or fax at 303-744-4600. When you have your specifications, provide them to us and we will be happy to review for quotation.

Quote Request

Tooth count, pitch, belt width (or belt model #), material, bore size, flange (1, 2, or 0), hub (if yes, include hub diameter), connection (set screws, keyway, bushing, etc.), & quantity/range. We are also able to cross reference most competitors part numbers.

Name of inquirer, name of company, phone number, and valid e-mail address.

We prefer to receive prints in a PDF / 2D format.


7-8 weeks, expediting available at an additional cost at the sole discretion of CMT & upon request.

The acknowledged due date is the expected date of shipment.

We will ship using common carriers, ups, FedEx, etc. We can either prepay and add freight charges, or bill your preferred shipping account number.


Yes, we mail a copy of paid invoice and transaction receipt (we can scan to e-mail upon request). If you are outside of the US, we will e-mail documents to the buyer.

You may submit a bank & trade reference sheet for your company via fax or e-mail in order to establish net 30 terms.

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, & American Express.

Standard and Procedural Questions

Yes, we utilize laser engraving to notate your part number along with our CMT logo, and website. Please note on your drawing if there are revision numbers, dated manufacturing lot numbers, no engraving, etc.

Although not yet certified, CMT follows most of the policies and procedures of ISO 9001.

CMT offers RoHS certification on a part by part basis upon request. A blanket REACH statement is available on our website. Due to the ever changing and expansion of the California Prop 65 chemicals of concern list, we are unable to provide a Prop 65 cert for CMT parts. If lot traceability is called out on your order, we can provide a raw material chemical analysis for a nominal fee in order for you to make your own determination of acceptability to whatever standards you are trying to meet.

Mutual non disclosure agreements are often reviewed and implemented depending on the customers’ needs and requirements.