USA Manufacturing

Since the establishment of Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. (CMT) by my Father over 54 years ago, we have enjoyed exponential growth and success.   A strong economy, the ingenuity and inventiveness of our employees, and our ability to control processes, source materials and help customers with fair pricing and quick deliveries are just some of the reasons why.  CMT is driven by a mission to support Made in the USA manufactured goods and services.  CMT is American made and proud to be a Northeast manufacturer of power transmission and motor control components.  We supply the world with high quality products at competitive prices right here in the USA.  That’s the way we started 54 years ago and that is how we plan to continue in the future.  The main reasons:  USA Standards for quality and safety are the highest in the world and we, as a Nation, take pride in delivering excellence at competitive prices.


We proudly support “American Made” and here is why:

Keeping our manufacturing jobs in the USA affects the immediate family of our workers and of their family's disposable income and thus the viability of the local and ultimately the national economy.  Future generations count on us to do the right thing.  Generations before us enjoyed a world in which the USA was the manufacturing engine that drove the world economy.  We are still a powerhouse but we must to continue grow opportunities and bring back good paying jobs if we are to set the stage for a prosperous future.  We owe it to our grandchildren.


Our goods are the best in the world and we all need to do our part to help nurture our home grown industries by looking their way when you need parts and products for your own enterprise.


Robert Bennett, President of Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc.