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Our Challenges and Solutions illustrates how our customers present their
motion control challenge and how CMT solves each challenge.

"My goal is to get homebuilders out of the garage and out on the water faster." - Benjamin King

Man driving hovercraft



Lone Star Hovercraft had been floating over the challenges of home-built hovercraft projects since 2012.  One major component in solving these challenges included cost-effective solutions to keep the end product affordable while retaining the consistent quality required by non-standard means of transportation.



Customer's Challenge

Dr. Benjamin King started Lone Star Hovercraft with his father, Tom King, in hopes to innovate streamlined solutions for the normal speed bumps faced by aqua travel enthusiasts; challenges such as control systems, reduction drives, rudder systems and more.  

8 mm Polychain with trepan and counterbore
Hovercraft engine full drive assembly



CMT's Solution

Through an internet search, Dr. King found Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. in order to provide high-quality drive components at a reasonable price for his Phoenix model hovercraft.  


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