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Why mark with laser

  • Mark permanence----Once applied it remains with the product for life. There is no chance of fading or falling off.
  • Graphic flexibility----Any type of logo, bar code, 2D Data-Matrix bar code, patent number, trademark, alpha-numeric, icon, symbol, or graphic design can be applied in almost any shape and size.
  • Process repeatability----Based on the programmed control and high positioning accuracy of the laser all markings repeat from part to part.
  • Non contact process----Allows for all shapes from flat to concave to convex and cylindrical to be marked with no tool wear and low influence on the material.
  • High resolution----Very demanding and complex marks can be produced with clarity and high readability down to character sizes smaller than .010 inches.
  • Incremental marking----Progress part serialization and sequential number processing is computer controlled with no part to part setup.
  • Environmentally friendly----The process is self contained and generates no waste products
  • High speed----Assures fast turn around time and cost effective marking because of pre programmed computer controlled processing movement from piece to piece and design to design is seamless.
  • Superior quality and accuracy----Because of the precise nature of the Nd:YAG laser beam and the computer controlled marking setting quality and accuracy are maintained throughout the order.
  • Material flexibility----Ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastics, and ceramics can all be marked with the same designs generated from preprogrammed setting that adjust the laser to meet the engraving, annealing, ablation, etching, or color change and bleaching requirements of the material.

Laser marking applications

  • Just added a new laser marking machine Tykma Zetalase XL. Now capable of index head features and deep mark etching. 
  • Laser marking of electronics such as Cell Phones(iPhone), Tablets(iPad), E-Readers(Kindle), Laptops. * Not brand limited just examples.
  • Marking of precision shafting with annealing process to prevent distortion and run out.
  • Metal name plate engraving to provide permanent identification in harsh environments.
  • Precise engraving on small fuel jets to align and specify jet orifice size.
  • Marking of safety and operating instructions on reversing switch.
  • Terminal block symbols on electronic drives to identify connection points.
  • Speed pot dial engraving for variable speed control.
  • Promotional incentives such as key chains, pens, coasters, luggage tags and watches.
  • Marking small medical and dental instruments without surface ablation.
  • Trademark and patent information permanently applied to new consumer product.
  • Installation alignment marks of optical lens assembly.
  • 2 D data matrix bar code marking on metal casing for permanent product tracking and control

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CMT Laser Marking Services can handle orders from one to several thousand. We can receive your marking information on disc, e-mail, fax or any other common graphic or character media.

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About the company

CMT Laser Marking Services is a business entity of Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. The business offers subcontract laser etching, laser engraving and laser marking services on Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Ceramics and Plastics. We operate 2 laser machines. TRUMPF VMC, and a TYKMA Zetalase with integrated to software that allows us to design and position any type of mark. We work closely with our customers to meet their quality and delivery requirements and we can turn around simple and custom designs in a matter of hours.

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